Sunday, June 22, 2008

Been a LONG time comin'.

After February I got really mad at everything and didn't want to keep posting for fear of showin' y'all the dark(er), uglier side of me. But after Senator Clinton (and then Bill) got smeared for being racists, I had had enough and decided to just watch what happened.

It wasn't easy to watch and keep quiet about.

It wasn't easy to watch my own people declare that Bill and Hillary Clinton--who have done so much more for Black Americans and Africans everywhere than Buck-buck-buck-Too-Chicken-to-Face-a-Debate/Lemme Show U How You Can DIE in a Slum from the Cold AND the Heat Obama--RACIST...and keep quiet about it.

It wasn't easy to watch my 90% of my black brothaZ [sic] and sistaZ [sic] follow this guy in every damn state (except for Massachusetts--oop, sorry, MassaTOOsetts, according to the Messiah) towards the destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it...and keep quiet about it.

It wasn't easy to see and read about the Super Dumbs...uh, Super Deez...putting untold and unprecedented amount of pressure on Senator Clinton to sit down, shut up and drop out so that their prize horse could "lock up the nomination" (which, the sad reality is, he has not done, since the Super Deez don't effin' VOTE until endorsement is just that--an endorsement)...and keep quiet about it.

It wasn't easy to watch that happen whilst Senator Clinton won just about every state we knew she was going to win, PLUS some (South Dakota, anyone?)...and keep quiet about it.

And god damn this AMERICA, but it just wasn't easy to turn on every channel and open every newspaper to see some ol' boolshit like Obama's fat-headed arrogance (with the President's Seal ripoff), racist pandering (on Father's Day, talkin' about how black men act like boys and abandon their families) and continued black (and blind) misogyny (with his meeting the Congressional Black Caucus members) and denial of his Muslim past (going so far as to allow his image goons to prevent Muslim women from being seated where anyone could see them behind Obama)...and keep quiet about it.

But now this weekend, I don't have to keep quiet. I can finally start sayin'

I FUCKIN' TOLD YOU SO, muthafuckas!

Either Black America wakes up and stops this insanity or we all head to our god damn end.

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