Saturday, February 9, 2008

Creationism...or not. (First Post)

I created this blog because I'm really, really tired at the biased attention towards Barack Obama. I don't like that the media has built him into their darling when he's nothing but 1) another ambitious politician and 2) what other African Americans would call a Good House Boy/sellout. Just because he's black doesn't mean we all should vote for him. Just because he had a good sermon (And that's what his speeches are--sermons. He is a lightweight version of Martin Luther King without the theology degree.) in 2004 doesn't mean we should vote for him. If the rest of my fellow black Americans knew more about Barack Obama, they wouldn't be voting for him in droves like they are, particularly in the south:

Georgia Primary Exit Polling

Alabama Primary Exit Polling

Today's Louisiana Primary Exit Polling

The people who say that this isn't about race or about blacks voting for blacks are seriously deluding themselves (particularly in the Southern states). We do vote for our own! Stop denying it! And we voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 & 1996 because he was "black" and we LOVED him. To us, at least, he was as black as you could get without actually being black; Toni Morrison even said so. But of course, now she supports half-white/half-Kenyan Obama. Let me tell you, I'm not a big fan of the preacher in the following video; not many people I know are either. But what he says about us, Morrison, Obama and the Clintons? Is 100% correct.

When Bill Clinton was running for President, he got the black vote. Blacks defended him up and down and to the moon. Now? They will pick at anything to bring him and his wife down, as evidenced in South Carolina, because a black man who isn't Jesse Jackson is running for President. A black man who's been canonized by our people just as (Bill) Clinton was in 1992. Suddenly what Bill and Hillary Clinton have done for poor blacks and black America doesn't matter anymore, because we have a clean-cut black man that defies the common stereotype of "American black man" running for president. A junior Senator whose teeth have barely been cut; a junior Senator who was stupid enough to use progressive webbers to raise campaign money for the only ex-Ku Klux Klan member in Congress (an interstingly enough, all articles from "legitimate" papers, including the Chicago Sun-Times and the Charleston Gazette, have mysteriously disappeared from print online). Yes, that's right, Obama is an IDIOT who raise re-election campaign money through for his fossilized, ex-Kleagle from the KKK asshat:

Seriously, Obama fans, you can't see anything wrong with this? Would a Jewish Congressman be able to get away with raising re-election funds for an ex-Nazi SS officer as easily?

And you can't see anything wrong with Rezko? He left his own people out in the literal cold. He touts "legislation" against nuclear co. Exelon as the "only nuclear legislation I've passed", but he let the bill die (a bill that came to be after tritium was leaked into the drinking water sources in Braidwood, Illinois, where the popluation is more than 90% white) after getting huge campaign contributions from Exelon. But of course, when it comes to helping those of color like us, Obama is right there fighting tooth and nail.

It doesn't surprise me that he gets away with holding black nationalist values and that white America isn't familiar with the way that works. People, particularly the media, were so quick to write off his ties to Trinity and Jeremiah Wright, but all of the "bad" things you hear about Wright are true. That's not to say that black nationalism is bad. We blacks take pride in our race. But some of us want to take pride and use victimization and the guilt of others in order to get ahead. I don't agree with that, and I certainly didn't agree with Wright giving the Trumpet's Lifetime Achievement Award to Louis Farrakhan. Obama didn't either, but his "spiritual mentor" is still, nonetheless, Jeremiah Wright, and his church is still the same church that lists a black values system. That's all good (the system, that is), but I'm not going to stand by and pretend that a list/system like that isn't based on racism. The real point is that no one in their right mind would take a second look at Ron Paul (or any white guy, for that matter) if he belonged to a church that espoused a white values system (though something funny about this is that all of the KKK idiots over at are huge Ron Paul supporters, probably because of his racist writings). It's just not PC.

I dunno people. Y'all got to take a step back and check yourselves. Barack Obama isn't going to help you. But he is one fine damned talker.

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